What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

What Type of Contacts Are Right for Me?

Are you considering switching to contact lenses from eyeglasses? If so, you might be experiencing some apprehension at the thought of putting something on your eyes. However, you do not need to worry. Besides being safe and easy to use, contact lenses are highly effective. 

There are several types of contact lenses to choose from, so you will find precisely what you need. However, you should ask yourself several questions if you are new to wearing contacts. For example, how do you determine which type is right for you? Is one type better than all the others? 

Like eyeglasses, different contact lenses address specific problems. It would be best if you thought about the following before you get contacts:

  • Your lifestyle.
  • Lens preference.
  • Your vision problem.
  • The frequency you prefer to change them.

There is a lot to consider, but it would be best to discuss your options with your optometrist before you make any move. Here are some things to discuss:

Lens Material

Contact lenses are either rigid or soft. Your eye doctor will help you choose the right option for you. Soft contact lenses are more popular because they are highly comfortable, especially for those new to contact lenses. Their flexible silicone or hydrogel materials allow for better airflow to the eyes. 

Rigid gas-permeable lenses resist deposit buildup and provide sharper visual acuity than soft lenses while allowing oxygen to pass through them to the eye. They are less comfortable than soft lenses but are cheaper eventually, thanks to their durability.

Length of Wear

It would help to consider how you want to wear your contacts and get the right ones for your lifestyle. Here are your options:

·       Several-day Wear

You can reuse this type of lens for several days before replacing it. That means one week to one month, depending on the lens. Several-day contacts are usually soft lenses. Your eye doctor will tell you when to replace them since they will eventually wear out and have buildup.

  • Daily Disposable Lenses

These are ideal for people who do not want to worry about daily cleaning and maintenance of their lenses. You throw them away at the end of the day and wear a fresh pair in the morning.

  • Overnight Wear

You can wear these contact lenses overnight since they allow oxygen to reach your eyes. Your eye doctor will determine whether overnight contacts are safe for you.

Specific Needs

Do you have specific eye-related needs? If so, you should consult your eye doctor before getting a pair of lenses. Conditions like allergies and dry eye can make it uncomfortable for you to wear contact lenses. In this case, your doctor may recommend daily disposables. 

Consider multifocal or bifocal lenses if you need different prescriptions for reading and seeing into the distance. That will save you from having to switch back and forth between eyeglasses and contacts. 


Other factors to consider when choosing contact lenses include colors and effects, cost, and whether you want to wear them indoors or outdoors. There is a lot to think about, but it would be best to follow your doctor’s suggestion.

For more on contact lenses, visit Raleigh Eye Center at our Raleigh, Durham, Reidsville, North Carolina, or South Hill, Virginia, offices. Call (919) 899-2472 to schedule an appointment today.

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